Who are we

Real Service for Business Consultancy is one of the most distinguished organizations in Saudi Arabia, the most developed, prosperous, and reliable, according to customers and clients.

It has been known, since its establishment in 2005, in Riyadh, to provide vast consultancy services, developing management, in addition to debt collecting and payback services, telecommunication solutions and operating customer care and sales centers. It has always been in the lead in these fields, and the results are tangible and perfect.

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Our Services


Real Service for Business Consultancy provides operating services and solutions to its clients through professional, custom-made programs that are implemented after

IT Services

Information Technology plays an essential role in the modern life, and has contributed in the development of many areas, including training and employment, management

Management consulting And development

Private sector development is at the core of the development that the Kingdom has witnessed, this is due to the intense attention and support provided by the state.


We believe that learning and employment are universal rights.We are aware of the Saudi’s market needsAnd so, to provide the youth with the best support to get a suitable job…

Our team

Since the establishment of Real Service for Business Consultancy, twelve years ago, we kept on maintaining our professional performance, creative development, and staff development.
Our main focus is to hire professional, highly qualified people with high management techniques, to guarantee excellent performance that continuously improve our businesses and activates our role as leaders. Our growth depends mainly on talented and creative individuals whose aspirations agree with the company’s.
Every individual at Real Service for Business Consultancy plays a key and efficient role in an integrated, harmonized, cooperated, and committed work environment. Our employees are on a high degree of knowledge and creativity.

Our Clients